Quilt Napa Valley Cabernet Reserve - 2016


This Cabernet Sauvignon garners its distinctive style from the diverse vineyards found in the mountains, bench lands, and valley floor of Napa Valley. The well-drained, nutrient-deprived soils found in each of these topographies stresses the vines, resulting in grapes with extraordinary color, texture, and flavor concentration. Blending these grapes allows Quilt to bring together the unique terroir of each location  and craft a wine that's greater than the sum of its parts, marrying the firm tannins and weight of the mountains with the supple fruit-forward notes of the valley floor while maintaining natural acidity.


Pairing Suggestions:

Tasting Notes: Rich notes of chocolate, black currant, ripe blackberry, and marionberry intertwined with caramel and leather. A complex and bold assemblage of dark currant, blackberry, marionberry, and toasted hazelnut balanced with hints of cardamom and dry dark chocolate. A supple, velvety mouthfeel, with fine-grained tannins. The finish is long, smooth, and satisfying.

ABV: 15.3%